Escort in Munich, Paris and Travel Escort Lady


I am new in the world of escorting. So in the beginning I don´ t want to promise too much. I only promise I´ll be authentic.


Though I m not experienced I am curious, adventurous and keen of making new experiences.

I am looking forward very much to my wonderful and exciting new life!!!


I won´t give up my job, because I want to be free to accept only dates which promise to be fun. This means that I won´t be available at any time.


Please understand that, because of my job and my family, I cannot publish any pictures of my face. However I promise: you will not take a risk! I´m very pretty!


I don´t have any expensive clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery yet. Luckily stile is not a question of money.


I offer and expect respect, confidence and discretion.