About Anne Sophie


Summary for readers with little time:


I am 34 years old, 165 cm tall, 48 kg, academic, interested in social and cultural life and successful in my profession.


Attributes which describe me best: intelligent, educated but not conceited, optimistic, confident, interested in a variety of things, adventurous, risk-taker.


If time permits I keep my body fit with sport. Traveling around the world broadened my horizon.


I love all the beautiful things in life, both tangible and intangible.


Eroticism is very important to me!



For readers with some more time:


Intelligent, seductive, erotic! That´s me!


Fire is my element and I love to play with it.


Curiosity, adventure and thrill are the elixir of my life. I enjoy life. I love to charm and to get charmed.  


Being down to earth, refreshing, charming and humorous people enjoy my company. My emotions vary from tender, romantic and frisky to hot and wild passion. 


I am not only pretty but also an intelligent and charming deipnosophist who will turn each moment of our date into pleasure for all senses.


I enjoy meeting people and exchange ideas. This has broadened my horizon and enriched my life.


Traveling is my passion. I'm interested in foreign cultures and in almost every region in the world. I like both the mountains and the sea, the north as well as the desert, a barren landscape fascinates me as well as the lush rainforest, I love big cities as well as nature. Spending a night in a mountain hut or in a simple palm beach hut can be as much fun as vacation  in a luxury hotel. As a student, I traveled  the world as a backpacker. These trips enriched my life and broadened my horizon.

These places I would like to visit next: Capri, Mykonos, Japan, China, Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia. I have dreamed for a long time of doing a gorilla Safari  in Africa, of a cruise on the Amazon and a cruise in Antarctica.  Let us travel the world together!


As a connaisseur I love to celebrate life with a glass of good wine or  a good meal, preferably in society.

Counting calories and diets are not my world. Fortunately, I have no weight problem.  Again, I love the variety: from simple mountain restaurants to fancy restaurants and all kitchens in the world. I am a cheerful person and I love to share my happiness with others. I enjoy drinking wine, but also reading and studying about it. I have visited several wine seminars.


Other areas of interests:

Photography, architecture,  gardening, literature, art, art galleries and museums, opera, concerts, theater, business, politics, real estate, fashion and typical woman: shopping.


Music: Jazz, Classical Music, Opera, Lounge Music


Sport I practice:

Skiing, hiking, golf (handicap 54), diving (PADI open water diver, little practice), pilates.


In the future I would like to study these type of sports: 

Cross-country skiing, tango, salsa and pole dance, standard dances. 


Spoken languages: German, English, French

These languages ​​I am studying: Spanish, Italian

This language I would like to study in the future: Chinese


To me, the charm of life lies in diversity and in discovering new things. This is also important in the field of eroticism.